Raketenflieger Timmi


Motionworks GmbH

Project manager

René Beine


Sept 12 - May 13

Field of duties

3D modelling, rigging, texturing, expressions, rendering

Project description

“Raketenflieger Timmi” is an animated series for the “Abendgruß - Unser Sandmännchen” (German children’s bedtime television programme). Timmi and his Teddynaut Teddy whiz with their rocket through space and visit various planets. There are some planets with only plants. Other planets with just animals. There is a girl planet and robbers planet. Planets on which there are only cars and others that are full of sweets and cakes.

Field of duties

My task in the internship was to make the side and main figures for all 26 episodes of the children's series. Other tasks were animation corrections, rendering and the creation of 3D Props.