Ball of wool


Hybrid Game


Prof. B. Hanisch, Felix Herbst


SS 2014


Unity 3D, Playmaker, Photoshop


Project description

“Wollknäuel” (translated: ball of wool) is a multiplayer game-concept for all ages, is played in pairs, threes or teams of ten and is designed for the Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon. It is an entertaining and funny game in which the players shear wool from colorful sheeps. Players can try to frustrate each other through the use of meeples.


“All sheeps are grey by night" is a variation of the gameplay in which sheeps are only colored when the moon, located behind the clouds, appears. The player must remember all his colored sheep during this short phase, otherwise you might accidentally sheer enemy sheeps, while the moon is gone. “Wolf in sheep's clothing" is another variation of the gameplay in which a wolf has stolen wool from players and is disguised as sheep, so he is not immediately apparent. If the wolf is sheared unintentionally by a player, that player’s wool is stolen and the wolf goes back into hiding again.