Botanic garden, Nichtstillhaltenkönnend (literary: can not keep still), nude drawing, the line, Schalten und Behälter (literary: skins and containers)


Prof. Heger, Prof. Klieber, Prof. Schade



In generel

Throughout my entire studies, I attended diverse advanced courses such as the essential nude drawing at the Arts Campus. There we got real models as a template. I practised and deepened my knowledge of human anatomy, proportions and physical volumes, which helped me a lot to strengthen my imagination in the area of 3D modelling.


At the end of our first academic year we went to Wettin to deal with architecture and graphical perspective. I also used the camping life and daily routine in Kloschwitz as an inspiration for my drawings. Tents, caravans, folding chairs and backpacks provided interesting and chaotic designs. I also enjoyed the challenges of the advanced courses “The Line” and “Drawing in the Zoo”, where I had to deal with experimental drawing techniques. The point was to quickly catch impressions of an animal while it’s moving. These pictures have been repainted over and over again due to time pressure and constant movement and created dynamic line nodes, blurred areas and all-over shadings.